13 augustus 2014

Ardbeg from 1897 at 238€ for ONE cl :-) 
I skipped that one.

It's a bit sad the tasting notes are only in Swedish.
Whiskybar Akkurat, Sweden. 

In the left corner (behind the glass) some very rare Bowmore.

In the middle some Karuizawa

Some of the open Karuizawa's and other Japanese stuff @ whiskybar akkurat, Sweden.
First number is year of distillery or age. Second is % alcohol. Third is price/CL! In 'Kronen'. The Karuizawa 1981 = 126 'Kronen' = 17€ for ONE cl. Not cheap. But worth every single euro.



Finally I could taste this bottle. And it's GREAT! Complex but elegantly sherried Karuizawa. Nicely balanced. The taste lasts forever.

Tasted @ Stockholm in whiskybar AKKURAT. Thx Hasse for the tip!

28 februari 2014

Famous Yamazaki 1993 for LMDW

Great balanced sherry nose. Any Karuizawa-lover would love this. And there's absolutely NO SULPHUR

The price of this bottle is also very Karuizawa-like.

Fat but elegant sherry / full body /  Short aftertaste

Very enjoyable.

13 januari 2014

Gunther (gunnie76 @ Whiskybase) is always generous with samples, so I brought and opened a special bottle: Teaninich 1983 = Serge's (www.whiskyfun.com) independent bottle of the year 2013

7 januari 2014


THX @ Toon

Always great to see collectors with a lot of open bottles.